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Redefining reality – a journey of trust and sharing

Posted in eci831, travel with tags , , , on October 5, 2011 by onepercentyellow

This post has been very difficult to edit.  There are a couple reasons for this.  My lack of voice has complicated my final editing which would have included a voiceover or some connecting shots to bring out my ideas.  In addition, so many things have happened this week that it’s been nearly impossible to capture it all on film.

Some quick recaps:

  • I had the chance to watch Micheal Apple speak on Critical Pedagogy at the University of Regina.  A renowned scholar dealing with my deep belief in the need for a liberating education, Apple reminded me of my respect for the work of Paulo Freire.  It was also really cool when I realized that I had used Apple’s work in defense of Freire in a course last year!
  • Response to last week’s video made me think that it may be time to be up-front about my own educational philosophy.  (Interesting enough, others felt the need to put that out there!)  In addition to Freire’s work, I have great respect for George Siemens and Stephen Downes’ theory of connectivism.
  • The footage from my cross-country trip lent itself to a bit of digital scrapbooking.  I had a lot of fun on the way!
  • Great conversations with fellow masters and PhD students alongside global response to exploitative systems pushed me to question the ways we are all succeptible to prescribed realities.
  • Constant and consistent questions about my safety and sanity reinforced the entire circle.  To those who asked if I was afraid, I replied: “I tend to believe that the majority of people are good.  Besides, if the bad guys are going to get me, they can get me anywhere!  On the street, in my home, or anywhere else.  If we continue to live in fear, think of all the great things we miss out on!”