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mashing up the blog – keeping life strange

Posted in #ds106 #4life, weekly summaries with tags , , on September 2, 2012 by onepercentyellow

Well, I’ve started following along with #ds106 and have again come to my blog.  This is a strange place, like those assigned journals for my undergraduate courses that I always (partially) failed at.  It was writing in a special book for a special audience that did me in.  I could never keep up with TWO journals – one for the real stuff happening in my life and the other for the ‘academic reflection’ grade.  Carefully selected life lessons, written for an audience, not for myself.

In reading @cogdog’s blog on blogging, I began to see my blog as something different.  More like a delicious page or my big group of bookmarks saved on my computer.  This could be a place where everything is half-finished.  Where blog posts go up without a grammar check.  Where sentences go unfin..

You get the picture.

Just like this week when I stepped up to do the personal theme song.  As you can imagine, it was right up my alley.  But when it came time to make the song, I was quickly frustrated that MY THEME SONG FOR ALL TIME was not coming out at quickly or as polished as I’d hoped.  I thought, “I’m not in this class anyway… I don’t have to do it.”  What a crappy thought!  So I pushed on, and ended up with something unlike anything I’ve made before.  It’s not fabulous, but I played around with a bunch of the effects and learned a couple new tricks in garageband, like the fact there’s a flanger setting.  I’ve only played with these effects on pedals before and have never really known what their function was.  So I learned something.  Neat-O!

In terms of the media for this week, I really enjoyed Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From: (this embed is a note-to-self kinda thing… you know, where I post something in my blog so I can find it later)

It reminds me of why it’s important to go out and connect with others.  It validates my need for a community of learning.  It shows me that sharing half an idea may be exactly what is needed to find the other half!