The Time Warp

A creative writing exercise from my EAP 145 class – March 8th

Prompt: Making up a rule from the “older” generation

Young people these days!  None of them know how to communicate with each other when they’re in the same room.  They never look you in the eye and they can’t concentrate for longer than a television commercial.  What a crew!  We must ban the use of smart phones and texting.  People should only be allowed to make calls but not be on the internet 24-7.  Have you been on a bus recently?  Or merely walked into a classroom?  No one talks anymore.  There’s no challenge of seeing another human being – a stranger – and talking to them.


The world of silence where people’s vocal chords have deteriorated from misuse.  Finally the vocal spoken language dies and we only have text.  Then the internet dies and we have to rediscover speech.  gestures and movement again become a primary form of communication but we haven’t LOOKED at each other to communicate for so long that we are nearly unable to understand.  There is a lot of fighting and misunderstanding before we before we begin to interact peacefully once again.

————————————WARP BACK——————————-

And if these kids continue to be hunched over their phones they will lose the ability to stand straight for themselves.  Wobbly-spined question marks is no way to live a life.  What a weird world.




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