The dragon and the butterfly – Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK)

So, I’ve been putting off posting on my blog for a few reasons.  I wanted to keep all the social artist work together and wanted to push myself to get it up there.  It’s coming!!! I promise!!! In the meantime, I have done a presentation for my EDST630 course through Athabasca.  The course is on Education for Social Transformation.  Again, I have created an alternative submission for the forum moderation assignment and am a little worried about how it will be received.  The grade weighting is small, though, so I’m taking the risk.

TEK is a narrative based form of knowledge approached largely by those in ecology, but also by those in management (see Gail Whiteman’s Why are we talking inside?).  The importance of story in TEK offers support for narrative exploration in other fields – especially in presentation of TEK findings.  I have used this approach in my assignment.

Further, this connect me again to my word of the year, and the image of the dragon.  It keeps coming back to me in new and surprising ways.  Now I’m just waiting for the next time I’m afraid to turn that dragon around and let my light shine!


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