eci 831 week 5 reflection – a proposal in participation

It has been one of those interesting weeks…

P.S. Oh yeah… and Jim Groom rocks <—- this is not bait… ok, maybe it is! Here Jimmy jimmy jimmy….


15 Responses to “eci 831 week 5 reflection – a proposal in participation”

  1. You are a brilliant storyteller! I love what you produce.

    PS- it hardly takes that much effort to call jim groom- just post on blog mentioning his name and he usually comments in minutes 😉

  2. Leslie!
    As an unofficial student-teaching-assistant-learner-teacher-4LIFE in ds106 I can seriously say: You are the awesomest! Wow, just wow.

    I love they way you do your videos. I think these should be showcased as the perfect cross-over between reflection and pure genius entertainment. This is what I wish all my teaching & learning looked like!

    Oh, and yes, absolutely link to Jim’s blog so he will get a notification of this video. Edit this post right now with some text on why Jim Groom is so awesome and have it link here:
    He’ll get a trackback ping and I bet would love to watch this video.

    Finally, just a quick quesiton: how much time does it take you to put these together?

    • onepercentyellow Says:

      link. done. Thanks

      I’ve been really working on the academic aspect of the reflection. Of course I’m looking at the well-written, hyperlinked posts that my fellow ECI831 students are doing and feeling like I’m missing a part of my voice. Very interesting, again, with the book I’m reading – Planet Walker by John Francis. I have considered just trashing the video idea and getting some of the thoughts out, but then I think of John’s journey and feel like I will learn about my voice if I push beyond this desire to revert to what is comfortable.

      In terms of time, this video was the least time-consuming of all. After suggestions from a friend on youtube, I decided to try writing a script rather than just blahblahblahing and then trying to edit it all later on. Certainly there is value to the off-the-cuff nature of the monocast, but in terms of editing time, it was really starting to get to me. I only have 3 60-minute tapes, though, so at least there is a limit to my rambling!

      This video probably took me 20 min. of writing, 40 min. of filming, an hour of editing, and likely 4 hrs of drawing, doing makeup, playing songs with my roommate, explaining the concept to people around me who were wondering what the heck I’m doing… Oh, and I’ve spent a whole whack of time reading blogs, articles, watching DTLT, listening to #ds106radio… does that count in the production time??

  3. Let me get this out:

    A) You’re awesome.

    B) You’re very awesome.

    C) Is awesome really enough?

    Now, you may have singlehandedly given me faith in EDUPUNK again, this is the spirit of the fun and announcing yourself online I feel it was intended. What’s more, your idea of what you get when you unplug an edupunk is an eduhippie is rad. And playing bells with your toes? That tears it1

    The fun you brought to this is everything in my mind, the idea that you want to get your project rolling and work with UMW and this is the coolest way to do it. And to that end, I emailed everyone a few weeks ago and put out a doodle calendar but that fizzled. I think you, me, Martha, and Steve need to talk pronto and get this rolling, who are we to hold up your work in courosa’s class?

    So, in short, you found jimgroom, but remember that I never left your side. When you only saw one set of footsteps in the sand that just meant I was carrying you.


    • onepercentyellow Says:

      You’re hilarious!
      Awesome may be entirely true… well, really it’s all because of great leadership 😉

      We have been disconnecting through those traditional means – you know, set up a time to meet, make an agenda and the like… I really wanted to just move forward and the invitation to participate pushed me to take this into my own control. The idea that students are producers really got me thinking: what am I producing here? What do I want to create? With whom? For what purpose?

      How can I make the form and content work together… and be reflective of who I am… above all, I am (re)creating myself.

      I’m still not sure exactly what I want to produce, but perhaps I can become a rhizomatic shoot between Augustana and UMW’s online development.

  4. You had me at the bells on your toes. Truly awesome. Let’s make some (teaching) art, damnit!

    • onepercentyellow Says:

      Super Excited! Would love to see your cards… especially the ones you’re developing on UMW’s LA values. Also have a couple big doodle sheets happening, a la Giulia Forsythe!

  5. Stay with your voice! There is room for both reflective writing and the fun but equally reflective video forms you have done. Stick with what feels most true to who you are not what others think you should be.

    Thanks for the link to Planet Walker! What a story of change, commitment.

    I am though not quite clear what the project is about, but I may be missing pieces.

    Keep the music a going.

    • onepercentyellow Says:

      Thanks, Alan. I do plan on sticking with the video, just refining how to do it! The clear, academic writing voice that i usually have will find its way to express itself in this new format. It can be pretty impassioned at times… hard to keep quiet!

  6. Superb work! Love it love it love it 🙂

  7. Cathy Germano Says:

    I agree with Alan. Your voice is your instrument. Your productions are creative and they take your viewer on a journey. Do not give up on the video images because they put power behind your personal beliefs!

  8. […] work for me.  After posting my shout-out video to University of Mary-Washington and getting amazing response from those fine folks, I decided to tackle the ECI831 googledoc.  Personally, I prefer having the suggested readings […]

  9. Soul Sister!
    Your video wandered down into the Center of the internet and found me! I, too, am DS 106, academic, performer, writer, edupunk if at all possible and whenever possible!

    This video is SOO DIY! It reflects on your journey graphically, and I see myself in your journey. YES! You inspire me! Wherever you are, we have met down the rabbit hole, black cat as our animal guide…I’m gonna make ma a video, too!

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