community, connections, and a tune

Hey all

It’s quite clear that I need to make a greater effort to push back my publication date if I want to have any thunder to myself.  A fantastic class today that touched on all the points I was considering this week.  Without further adieu, here’s week two’s video!


8 Responses to “community, connections, and a tune”

  1. Wow – what a great post! You definitely accomplished your goal – I feel like I know you better simply watching that six minute video! Have a safe trip to Quebec! Oh Montreal, I’m so envious that you’re headed that way!

  2. One Percent Yellow
    I loved that you did a video post! How awesome and daring. Curious, what video editing software did you use? I have not always been so willing to open myself up. The ed tech program I was in never encouraged that type of learning. After I graduated I never felt satisfied, I wanted more. The good news is that I now realize that community and connections are what is important to learn and grow. That is what needs to be taught and nurtured. So count me in, add me to your network. I can not sing but I do love music and art!

  3. onepercentyellow Says:

    Thanks Chelsi! I’ve arrived in Ottawa for a quick hello with a friend and will be in Montreal soon.
    Cathy, I’m using imovie and a digital video recorder I was given (old technology that a teenager no longer wanted). I’m having fun playing around with it and it’s giving me a new lens on my world.

    I’m sad to hear that your program didn’t encourage this type of expression, but not entirely surprised. I think that for the most part, authentic expression is not the focus of education, rather the transferrance of information. While useful, I must argue for a more human way of teaching and learning. If we objectify ourselves – put ourselves into little educator boxes – we are teaching our students to do the same.

    I just love this RSS animate video of Sir Ken Robinson’s talk. It reminds us of why we have the system we do, and shows we can take heart that other creative and talented individuals “get it” and are working together to change this system.

    I’m stoked to do some art and tunes with you!!!

  4. What a great post. You are so right when it comes to the notion of trust being a key ingredient. A recent incident in a mentor group I am in has left me feeling less than safe; it will be interesting to observe myself in future interactions, to see the effect it has on my participations.

  5. Regarding having a 1D online presence, I’ve said that before in defence of the personal details that do make it into Twitter. We are all multi-dimensional (gotta be more than 1 anyway) and so reflecting that online seems perfectly natural.

    Great video and I’m so glad I bumped into you in the online world. You’re a rainbow of colours, miss onepercentyellow.


  6. Hey onepercentyellow. I loved the part about trust. It really resonated with me- my students cannot learn from me without some sense of trust.

    The video was great. I really think you and one of my sisters are very similar and she just moved to Montreal. Maybe you should look her up!

  7. onepercentyellow Says:

    Thanks for the feedback, all!

    @Daniel That can be a long and frustrating road for certain! My first course in my masters was similar and I wrote a post on the importance of understanding your motivation when you come up against a roadblock. You can check it out here, though it’s a bit long ( In the end, I had to recognize that if I were to benefit from the class I had to take control of my own learning. It wasn’t easy. I’d rather learn with/from, but sometimes you do what you must.

    @Malyn I’m so happy to connect with you as well! What an amazing compliment. I’m blushing rainbow colours over here!

    @sjphipps That would be great! Hook her up with my @onepercentyello twitter account! 🙂

  8. I love the discussion on building community in the analog v digital world. For many of us, I hope anyway, need the connection of people and the digital world requires different ways to make the connection.
    I love that you are making the effort you are to make a connection with all of us by putting yourself out there.

    I love your videos…

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