ECI831 reflections on the first week

Well now, first week done!  I have to say being in class is just phenomenal!  I can see/hear real people and feel like I’m part of a real community.  I can’t wait to see it grow.  This term I’m going to take on the challenge of building weekly video reflections for my course.  I will also post them here for easier aggregation.  Without further delay, here is my debut!


2 Responses to “ECI831 reflections on the first week”

  1. Nicely done. You have done a nice job of editing this into one piece of work. If I wasn’t so afraid of the camera I might try it for myself. What program did you use to edit?

  2. onepercentyellow Says:

    Thanks! I’m really trying to improve my filming/editing/speaking skills. I hope to get more concise as time goes on. I edited in imovie.

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