Once upon a time…

Entering a new world always calls to mind the space monkeys sent forth to explore the dangers beyond our atmosphere.  While a blog is far from being shot into space, I can’t help but wonder how many monkeys on how many typewriters it would take to make more sense than I do.  A humbling mental exercise.

I suppose that this is the place where I tell that amorphous “you” who “I” am by trailing out a sufficiently diverse, yet entertainingly short list of my modifiers. The woman who writes this blog is a magic-realist philosopher, a crafty writer with a grammar-queen complex, a world-traveling space monkey (next stop Yangshuo), and a lover of Pat.  I hope to learn from those who have gone before in how to share myself in an open and engaging way in this online universe.  Here we go, I suppose.  Another fledgling monkey wondering what happened to the trees.


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